Goal Setting – Tony Robbins – OPA System

How many goal setting methods have you tried so far? and what results have you got from them.

I have to admit that I have been searching and trying at least a dozen of methods looking for the best way to get things done. I downloaded several softwares that claimed to have some kind of magical power, but they did not stop my search.

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I knew that in order to make it work, the method has to be simple that a 5 year old can explain. Many of the systems had brilliant theory behind but they were just too complex and I found them impossible to execute on a daily basis.

Goal Setting – OPA by Tony Robbins

Would you like to know how Tony Robbins – plans not only his day, but his entire life? The answer is called OPA System what used to be called in the past RPM (Rapid Planning Method)

I have personally used OPA for nearly 2 years and I love it. I execute it from a Google spreadsheet or just using a piece of paper and dividing it into three columns.


OPA for Goal Setting

Goal Setting OPA System By Tony Robbins
As you can see on the video, OPA System by Tony Robbins is a simple technology that allows you to focus on 3 key areas:

1. Outcome – start your day by asking what is my outcome today, instead of asking what is my to do list for today. This is a way better question that will make you realise that you do not need to do all the to-dos in order to hit your outcome. I got into a habit of asking this question pretty much in any situation I am in: business meeting, time with friends and family, attending a seminar. Knowing your outcome will give you the crystal clear target to go after.

2. Purpose – once you know your outcome, the second big question is “WHY”, why do you want it? If you take a minute and answer this question you will connect yourself with something deeply emotional that will give you the fuel to drive forward when obstacles show up. Setting up goals without clear purpose behind them will often lead to failure.

3. Action – Nothing happens without taking action, so when we know our outcome, we know why we want to achieve that, so now is the time to take massive, crazy action. Here in this section you brainstorm and list down all possible actions that you need to take in order to achieve the outcome.

goal setting opa systemGoal Setting OPA System is the top down planning system used by Tony Robbins for managing his incredibly busy and complex life. From my experience the big advantage of a top down system is always having full focus on the the bigger picture, instead of on the overwhelming daily tasks that never stop coming your way.

Instead of focusing on the list of tasks that show up today, you'll already have a place for most of them. Your projects and actions fit in with the bigger picture of your life.



Check Your “Business Profit Score”

 In Less Than 5 Min By Answering 25 Questions to Your High Impact Areas

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