Is Your Business Running Your Life?

Discover how busy entrepreneurs can have better quarters, work fewer hours and become more peaceful entrepreneur?

Is Your Business Running Your Life?

You Have Big Goals and Inspiring Dreams

But you've probably realised that running your business, might lead to paying a hefty price in the key areas of life

Which One Are You?

Chaotic Entrepreneur

Peaceful Entrepreneur

We Can Support You By:


"GAP Analysis"

Uncover hidden high-growth opportunities using “profit acceleration software”, we’ll simulate scenarios, 


90 Day Growth Plan

Prioritise the opportunities and turn them into a custom growth plan for your business.


Using 12WY Methodology

Start implementing using 12 week year methodology for accountability to get things done.

Say Goodbye to Confusion and Overwhelm

More Time

More Results

More Freedom

Choose Your Path

One-On-One Mentoring

Together, we will create a customised roadmap designed to help you increase your profitability, revenue and peace

Weekly Group Mentoring

Join a tribe! We learn faster together. Group classes include accountability, implementation sessions, question time and more! 

Attend Free Workshop

Attend one of our regular workshop to experience the vibe, network with other entrepreneurs, and learn strategies to grow your business

We believe you are unique… So is your business

Let's Build A Custom 90-Day Growth Roadmap

How Peaceful Are You As An Entrepreneur?

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Unlock Your Business Growth

Working together you can expect

Conduct “Gap Analysis”

Using a “profit acceleration software”, together we’ll simulate scenarios, uncover hidden high-growth opportunities in your business.

Identify High-Leverage Areas

Create a Before Picture with all the KPIs to establish a definitive starting point and track progress.

Build a Strategic 90-Day Custom Growth Plan

We’ll to prioritise the opportunities and select 2-3 high impact but low effort strategies and turn them into a custom growth plan for your business.

Implement Using 12-Week Year Methodology

Start implementing using 12 week year methodology for accountability to get things done.

Develop a "Go To Market Strategy"

After helping you find your dream client and identifying the core service we will develop a customer acquisition strategy.

Track, Measure and Kaizen

“That which is measured improves. That which is measured and reported improves exponentially. Karl Pearson

Companies We've Worked With

What Others Say

James Price

Co-Founder, UK Football Trials

“We’ve taken our business from around £500,000 since I’ve started working with Marcin in January, our business has gone to a completely new level. So far as we stand we’ve taken over £100,000 on average per each of the 3 months..

Devon Harris

3 x Olympian, Founder of Keep On Pushing

Marcin has been instrumental in moving my business online, he has been tremendous with helping me to rethink my business strategies and to streamline these strategies to help me to become more successful”

Clinton A. Young

Clinton A. Young, International

I've earned an almost 500% return on my investment in Marcin's coaching in only 2.5 months.

Cam Jarrad

Founder of Social Media Lab

He has helped me a lot with building up strategies for getting clients success

Zeca Marques

Professional Football coach

Being part of the Marcin's course was a game changer for me

Tom Perry

Owner of Health Practises

We’ve grown our volume ratios from 14 to 16%

Jason Dorland

Olympian, Author, Coach, Founder of Yourmindset

Our work with Marcin has been exactly what we needed—not only becoming laser-focused on what challenges we solve and who are our key clients, but also deciphering the most effective ways to reach and garner those key clients.”


Founder of FIT4Privacy

“I won multiple contracts with Marcin’s assistance. I won contracts worth €200,000 so far, and he has helped to build this vision for future.”


Founder of Crown Method

I had almost 800% return! A new world has opened to me, one I never thought possible, and I want to thank Marcin for that from the bottom of my heart!”


Kemkaran Consulting Ltd

I’ve gone from 0 to £100k in my first year with my digital business.”

Gary Napier

Founder of The Gap Enterprises

Marcin is an expert in the field of marketing. His genuine passion to help owners of life-serving businesses grow, sets him apart from the ‘crowd'”

Marco Consolaro

Co-Founder of Alcor Academy

Marcin is a very talented and passionate professional with a lot of drive. He will help you in every aspect of your sales process as far as you are prepared to learn and practice his suggestions.”

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